Guerrilla Games Working On Killzone 4, New IP and Killzone PS Vita Rumored

Killzone 4, new IP and Killzone for Vita coming your way from Guerilla Games.

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remanutd552393d ago

isnt Sony Cambridge working on Killzone vita ?

Colwyn2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

the best video gaming company that people can rely on for making games for the core and hardcore is sony.

im so excited and cant wait to see what these devs have in-store .it seems like every week there are always info on several new games being worked on by sony devs. to each his own, im a gamer and these guys are the best for gaming

Colwyn2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

if you are a coke-head you dont feed your habbit by drinking pepsi. sony is supplying majority of the core and hardcore gamers with what they like. GAMES. they had already set a precedent since 1995 by releasing a lot of games for core and hardcore over the years and theyll continue doing it or i hope they do. their record speaks for itself.

i dont want a sales station or a talk station, i want a PlayStation

da_2pacalypse2393d ago

is KZ4 really necessary? I'm tired of all the sequels.... the story of KZ3 was kind of weak anyways, why not start a new universe?

killerhog2393d ago

Isn't core and hardcore the same thing?

-Alpha2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

^ 2pacalypse

I am highly anticipating K4, so long as it is more like K2 than K3. Yeah, it's another shooter and another sequel, but I don't think K3 did K2 any justice.

Story in K3 was indeed weak, but the universe has lots more they can get into if they decide to present it properly. Killzone's got a lot of juice left, IMO, they just need to get it back on its old track

MySwordIsHeavenly2393d ago

I'm sorry...

Killzone 2 barely even had a story.
Killzone 3 had a fantastic story!

What games were you guys playing?!?

PinkFunk2393d ago

The Killzone series has yet to really shine in the story category.

Gameplay has always been great, and graphics were great as well.

I would have been more excited to see a different IP from GG, but that would be wishful thinking. Thing is, I'd love to see what GG could do with that engine, in a completely different game.

BattleAxe2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Killzone has had 3 games to get its crap together, but even after the 3rd game, Guerrilla Games has yet to create a real hit. I played quite alot of Killzone 2, but only played Killzone 3 for a couple of months. Here is what I think is wrong with the series:

- story telling has been weak since Killzone 1
- Guerrilla Games doesn't support their games with much content if any, three months after the game is released
- Matchmaking in Killzone 3 was horrible mainly because you got stuck on the map pack maps all the time
- Custom matches in Killzone 2 were horrible because every damn game was at least 45 minutes - an hour long
- Custom matches in Killzone 2 were horrible because half of the rooms were always Radec Academy

I think the bottom line is that GG has never balanced their games properly, and when it comes to game menus and matchmaking systems, GG just plain sucks.

NewMonday2393d ago

the setting and characters of Killzone vers is just not interesting.

GG should:
-take the cool name and great gameplay to a new setting, something like the near future in earth, this will bring in many plaers who like a more realistic setting
-forget about 3D
-bring back 32 player matches.
-mix up Warzone a bit, like making the best players assassination targets.

NeoTribe2393d ago

Did u really need to reply to ur own comment with more sony praise? Article is about killzone. Go find one of the many "sony has tons of exclusives" articles and troll ur sony compassion.

Septic2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Oh gosh Colwyn, please give it a rest. You are such a sellout. EVERY FRIGGING SONY ARTICLE man. Why are you so desparately lubing yourself up? It makes me cringe lol.


And the 30 agrees...I respect Sony and all but come on. You guys have no integrity!

kneon2393d ago


Long matches is something that was very right with Killzone 2. After playing so much of Killzone 2 and MAG all these other games with 10-15 minute long matches seem like a joke.

The single greatest online experience I ever had was a 4 hour long match in Killzone 2 on Beach Head.

kramun2392d ago

Killzone 1 and 3 were crap, KZ2 was pretty good, but still not as great as many claim on this site.

sikbeta2392d ago

If it's similar to KZ3 = 3-to-4hs of gameplay, no thanks, time to move on I think, FPS are not something SCE devs do that well, why don't try WRPGs? heck, even JRPGs from SCEJ! hope the new IP is not another FPS...

Army_of_Darkness2392d ago

And personally, I still think its also the best move game available, aside from House of the dead overkill and sports champion:D

Gamer-Z2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


As someone who owns both consoles i agree with you 100% PS3 caters to the hardcore. The only games i play on my xbox are Gears and Halo those are the only two hardcore titles left everything else i can play it on my PS3 including all the great first party exclusives.

Muffins12232392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I think they just need to get different developers for resistence and killzone because those games are just bah at times.I love killzone but i wihs they could get a different developer its just held back and they wont be able to make to much more because there losing money on those games!I mean i knwo i will get alot of disagress for this but its true,its losing money,its a money loser and while the idea is good sony should either try harder in shooter ip's or just drop them and stop trying to get a halo jackpot

PamPoovey2392d ago



So we'll finally get to see who came out of the pod at the end....

"Welcome home Sir"...

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DidYouRikeIt2393d ago

Already Killzone 4? What is this, Call of Duty? They really need to take more time making these games. 3-5 years is a good amount.

BlackTar1872392d ago

It sucks that i have no interest in anything killzone. When stuff gets to #4 like this makes me wish this series wasn't nonsense to me

snipes1012392d ago

Yea cant say i disagree. The market is already saturated with fps's, why do we need another product that is not only another fps, but a sequel?

PetitPiPi2393d ago Show
Beast_Master2392d ago

This is a report from the bitbag so this is probably not true. I am pretty sure the sales of Killzone 3 did not warrant another sequel. I think GG will be moving on, vita version perhaps but I see a GOW vita before a Killzone one.

The_Devil_Hunter2392d ago

I'm not a developer but I highly suggest they release KZ4 for the PS4.

2392d ago
AnotherProGamer2392d ago

Cambridge studio moved into Guerrilla Games

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Majin-vegeta2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Take KZ4 back to KZ2 gameplay i hate how KZ3 was dumbed down for the freaking babies who said it was to hard>:|.

thedude442393d ago

I agree. Killzone 2 was my favorite.

Its also time for gamers to be blown away with graphics so good, you could not imagine them on a console. hell Killzone 2 is still the best looking fps to this date!

JellyJelly2393d ago

Killzone 2 is def one of the best looking console fps's, but not the best. RAGE holds that spot.

SJPFTW2393d ago

yah because the only thing generated are 2 guys and a wall. better be the best looking FPS

A-Glorious-Dawn2392d ago

Killzone is the best looking console fps. Im still blown away by it. It will be great to see a new ip from them

Mr Tretton2393d ago

Heck, KZ4 could use some of the good things about KZ1! Alt fire and better characters.

kaveti66162393d ago

I don't think people complained that KZ2 was hard. They just didn't like the input delay.

-Alpha2393d ago

Those guys were gone after a week. Killzone 2's input delay was tweaked and was fine the way it was, there was no need to change them even more and lower the health and make it all twitchy.

K3's controls were the least of my problems with the game, anyway. There's a lot in K2 they abandoned and failed to improve on

Ghost2502393d ago

exactly people complain too much just cause it ain't like call of duty.

Outside_ofthe_Box2393d ago

If KZ4 plays like KZ2 it'll be a day one buy for me. I hated that KZ3 was dumbed down. It looks like Guerrilla Games learned their lesson though as they hired back the lead KZ2 MP designer.

GraveLord2393d ago

They better "dumb it down" more. Those controls aren't fast enough.

Liquid_Ocelot2393d ago

Go play something else that it is ["fast enough"] then, otherwise put up and shut up.

Outside_ofthe_Box2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Then game isn't for you. The game shouldn't adapt to you, you should adapt to the game. Killzone isn't a twitch shooter. All FPSs doesn't have to be fast paced. It isn't a rule. Play the shooter which the controls suit you best. You don't have to change other unique games and make them generic.

I prefer slower paced shooters, but you don't see me blabbering about how CoD should change their controls. I just simply don't play that game. CoD is a twitch shooter and always will be because that is what the game at its core is. CoD gained it's fanbase with its controls and KZ has its own audience. Games don't HAVE to appeal to EVERYONE as it's impossible to do so in the first place anyway.

Gamer-Z2392d ago

Ok GraveLord we get it, you like COD -___-

Majin-vegeta2392d ago

Sorry Gravelord if your brain doesn't compute enough to make it actually work xD.

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pandaboy2393d ago

I don't think it's fair to say that KZ3 was dumbed down in its controls. For some crazy reason people think twitch controls are for CoD noobs when in fact these twitch controls are where you will find some of the best gamers ever on Quake and CS. What's more KZ3 didn't even have CoD or twitch controls at all... just better controls. I actually liked the controls in KZ2, but trying to appeal to a wider audience doesn't necessarily mean it's a dumbed down game.

Liquid_Ocelot2393d ago

Some, and I'd say MOST of us want Killzone to feel and play like Killzone. To have it's own soul and personality.. those who CAN'T play it because of the controls and aren't willing to try something different.. well, bye-bye. Won't miss them.

Excuse my English.

Outside_ofthe_Box2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

No. KZ3 was not dumbed down because of the controls. KZ was dumbed down because:

-You regenerate health fully. In KZ2 you only regenerated health partially and needed health packs to get full health

-The recoil/bullet spread/bullet deviation and accuracy of the guns resembled CoD. In KZ2 there was a good amount of recoil that required you to shoot in bursts instead of spray. This leads to the next one...

-Because of the increase in accuracy and less recoil/bullet spread/bullet deviation in guns, people died fast like in CoD. In KZ2 people did not die as fast which required you to keep a steady aim on your target for a longer amount of time.

-They reduced the amount of variables taken into consideration when calculating bullet damage. In KZ2 is was 24. In KZ3 it's 7.

-The classes are unbalanced. While KZ2's classes weren't perfectly balanced it was more balanced than KZ3's. KZ3 has the over powered marksman that can't be detected and has an assualt rifle... the overpower infiltrator with an over powered shotgun, taction has a wallhax, and the medic has a bot flying around protecting him. In KZ2 the only truly over powered class was the assault class and that was mainly because it had boost which increased his speed.

-Tactical Spawn Points is a dumbed down version of Spawn Grenades. Spawn Grenades required tactical placement while TSPs are just a capture and hold game...

-KZ3 has match making which is dumbed down from the custom games KZ2 had. Guerrilla Games' reasoning for removing custom games was that "people couldn't read server lists" ._.

-The removal of server lists also led to no custom clan matches.

-KZ3 also has a lot of removed features from KZ2 such as: Only 24 players in a match instead of 32, No Squad Leader Spawning, No weekly honor rankings, etc.

I could on and on. I've been making lists like these on the Killzone Forum since the KZ3 PS+ beta back in October 2010. So excuse me if I don't feel like typing anymore @[email protected]

Hicken2392d ago

Try again pandaboy. Twitch controls ARE for COD noobs, because that's the only thing they want to play. They bash Battlefield for being too slow, or Killzone for having "lag input."

I interpret these things as having "weight," and I prefer that. The controls felt a lot better in KZ2 than in KZ3, and I want em that way. As opposed to KZ2, KZ3's controls WERE more like CoD's in respect to whether or not they were "twitch," and these controls are not what made KZ2 such a hit.

Philoctetes2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Agreed. KZ3 was the most disappointing game I've played in a long time. It was a huge step backwards from KZ2.

Edit: It wasn't just the controls. It's that they reduced the player count, made horrible and tiny maps, gave you little health, got rid of spawn grenades, got rid of squad spawning, and basically killed off any semblance of teamwork.

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cpayne932393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

It isn't really a rumor that a Killzone is in development for Vita, wasn't it already announced? And didn't they have some gameplay in a trailer for Vita?

Edit: Yep here it is, short though.

Pandamobile2393d ago

That would be spreading the studio pretty thin, wouldn't it?

K26sephiroth2393d ago

Yeah but knowing Sony making mostly quality games, I wouldn't be surprised even if the studio is spread thing that it would be nothing short of great!

JakemanPS319942393d ago

Sony europe did some restructuring of there european studios early this month. I think they merged sony london with gurrilla.

killerhog2393d ago

Isn't Sony London responsible for eye-pet, and singstar? Why would they be merged with GG? Doesn't make sense, but it could explain the new ip being something GG hasn't done before, adventure. But the word now is its going to be another fps game.

SweatyFlorida2393d ago is still a rumor. I don't think their making the KZ vita port, but rather helping Sony Cambridge with it when they can.

The new IP was in the works after KZ3 (maybe even during), and perhaps the artist or some people who weren't so active with the new IP when on to start KZ4. I'm sure most of the focus would be on the new IP however, as that was revealed during GDC, while the news of KZ4 got talked about in November.

thedude442393d ago

Unleash Hell Guerilla Games.