Game Informer teases March issue, says people will know it if they've been paying attention

As they've been doing the last few months, Game Informer has started teasing its March issue.

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Legionaire20052274d ago

I think its resident evil 6. It was just announced so that is my answer.

life doomer2274d ago

game informer overhyping again.

ThichQuangDuck2273d ago

I think people know after February not to get too hyped. I hope it is something interesting I would love something major but their vague teasing will not sway me again. i just got the xcom issue in

Ser2273d ago


Not falling for it again.

BALLARD322273d ago

I'm hoping for Battlefront 3 even though I know it won't be. Although, it makes more sense for it to be Star Wars already than it did last issue. They say people will know if they've been paying attention. Well, GI posted an article on their site not long ago about what they'd like to see in SWBF3. Plus, The Phantom Menace will be out soon so it could work. Wishful thinking I suppose.

JimboJones2273d ago

I think Call of Duty: Iron Wolf

pythonselkan2273d ago

My bet is either God Of War IV as it was rumored to be announced this February, or Assassin's Creed 3; which was also rumored to be announced before the fiscal year end (March 2012).

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