What Happened to Great Horror Games?

Gamer Euphoria writes:

'There’s something missing from this generation and it’s bothering me. As technology gets better and the limits of consoles continue to be pushed, there’s a genre that continues to be overlooked, which is full of potential. I am of course talking about the horror genre. This generation has seen a distinct lack of horror titles on the Xbox 360 and PS3.'

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PamPoovey2364d ago

We nearly had one....

Such a shame, co-op came along and ruined what RE5 could of become and instead of learning their lesson for RE6, they don't they think adding Zombies in RE6 will keep people happy.

BldyShdw2364d ago

Yeah I cannot imagine the older games being as scary if you had a companion next to you the entire time. I think Resident Evil Zero did it perfectly. Two people you could control but doing separate things to get to a common goal.

Solid_Snake372363d ago

Lol capcom ruined them silly

shoddy2363d ago

When you have too much run and gun like zombies COD then it's not a suspend thriller any more.

awi59512363d ago

The good games are called left for dead series, Killing floor, and Dead space games.

Kyosuke_Sanada2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I remember White Lightning showing me the same info and compounding that with seeing the Resident Evil 4 beta video just made me shake my head in disappointment.Then there is Thanatopia which looks like that it may ring in some true horror later this year but my expectations are not too high after the Amy incident.......

The only thing that have been satisfying my late-night frights recently are Amnesia and Parasite Eve II......

PamPoovey2363d ago

I was reading it back when I first joined, some guy had posted it, round about the same time the RE6 teasers were popping up, don't know if it was him or not....and I was blown away with it, it's actually the first blog article I've read and finished. I just couldn't believe they let all this stuff go just for co-op, thats why I usualy go on about the crappy feature in some of my comments because it's such a game changer.

Barry Burton, Jill, Tyrants, Zombies, Nighttime,a train level, the merchents, solo play, the sounded amazing.

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Kalowest2364d ago

The DeadSpace series is great.

Venox20082364d ago

they are good, but they are action shooters... too bad that amy flopped... I still have some hopes for new Silent hill

tigertron2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

They are not action shooters at all. Dead Space was an excellent survival horror and Dead Space 2 was the perfect blend of horror and cinematic action.

DS2 is the perfect example of how horror and action can work together. They could have gone the way of Capcom when they made RE5 but Visceral made sure the game was still a horror game at heart and didn't make any major changes.

In my mind, the Dead Space series is the definitive horror series of this gen.

Bimkoblerutso2363d ago

It wasn't "survival" horror, really, but it IS "horror," no matter how you slice it. Action horror though it may be, it's still horror.

If Dead Space isn't horror, then 'the Thing' isn't horror.

JaredH2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Can the stealth disagrees actually explain how Dead Space is not horror or do people on this site just hate Dead Space now?

I agree that Dead Space 2 was more action orientated but horror elements were still present throughout. IMO Dead Space 1 is the best horror game this gen other than Amnesia. I don't see how you can consider it action at all. Dead Space 2 you can from the tram level, falling from space and things like that but the only thing that could be considered action in Dead Space 1 would be the turret levels. And combined the segments are like 10 minutes long.

Picnic2363d ago

Probably how Dead Space just appears to be the Alien film and Doom 3 combined.

Bimkoblerutso2363d ago

I'm fairly certain that it's just a bunch of Resident Evil fanboys reflecting on the old days with rose-colored glasses, as fanboys are apt to do.

Not that the Resident Evil series isn't a monumental franchise for the industry, but nostalgia does nasty things to people.

schlanz2363d ago

Dead Space games are fantastic. DS was the first game I played on my PS3. Action, horror, survival, whatever you want to label it, those are some damn fine games with genuine scares. And yeah, there are the cheap scares that go "boo" (which, cheap as they are, still find a way to be effective) but there are plenty of "oh shit oh shit oh shit!" moments.

Also, it was a shock to see so many end of year lists snub Dead Space 2. Definitely broke my top five.

ritsuka6662364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Sadly horror games are dead..

Action games have always been more appealing to the wider audience, so why not ruin a great franchise and turn it into a action horror? Capcom did that and that way we got RE 4 and looks they did the same for RE6...

Asgaro2363d ago

Why the disagrees?
He is right: the developers have stated themselves they want a more action oriented approach with the next RE.

I hate the direction gaming in general is going to.

Saladfax2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Eh, as with everything, niche genre tastes will very likely be fulfilled by independent developers. Games like Penumbra and Amnesia are *very* atmospheric, have great methods of storytelling, and are genuinely chilling to play.

And let's be honest. Resident Evil has never really been *that* good. A few decent installments along the way, but a generally lacking script and storytelling is also a good way to kill immersion and atmosphere.

schlanz2363d ago

The problem with horror games is its a niche genre. The movie industry even doesn't put out many horror movies, and when it does, they are more often than not relegated to b-movie status.

The other problem is that you can take plenty of elements of horror and build a game around it, and gamers will criticize it for not being survival horror.

jthamind2364d ago

they turned into action games and games that think horror means monsters jumping out with loud noises = horror.

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