Final Fantasy XIII-2 review (RPGLand)

RPGLand: "In the end, the battle system and time traveling exploration redeem Final Fantasy XIII-2 by making it fun to play, combating the turn offs of a scattered story and incoherent directing. Fans of XIII will probably be happy with it, while others will see the game as a rushed combination of concepts and ideas that run a mile wide and an inch deep."

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knifefight2363d ago

Sounds about like most reviews. Great for XIII fans, no need for non-fans to check it out.

Canary2363d ago

To summarize the review: the story is an awful trainwreck, but the SUPER AWEOMSE combat system from FFXIII is just as SUPER AWESOME this time because Square Enix was SUPER AWESOME and didn't change it. At all.

Which, I suppose, is great news if you loved that SUPER AWESOME battle system. For the rest of us, it means that this turd looks like a piece of **** from every angle.

Wintersun6162363d ago

The core elements of the battle system are still the same, but saying they didn't change it at all is a blatant lie. The demo proved it was improved. Using monsters in combat as allies is a breath of fresh air and the ability to change your leader during battle is a major improvement IMO, the lack of that possibility was one of my main complaints with XIII. Also you can now set each paradigm to focus on multiple opponents, a single opponent and there was a 3rd option too which I didn't fully understand.

I'm not saying it's a good system because even with the improvements I still prefer the older FF games' battle system over this. But saying they didn't change it at all is a lie.

knifefight2363d ago

The review mentions that the battle system has changed, with the monsters and such. It also mentions that it's a bit worse this time around, apparently. :/

"The battles are also lacking as much depth and balance as XIII‘s had."
"Worst of all, the battles just seem to lack a lot of the urgency and tension they had in XIII: battles are cakewalks, especially for veterans of the first game."

Godmars2902363d ago

Think mores the point they didn't address the issues in XIII the first time around. That they needed XIII-2, and possibly the Tri-ace team, to fix things.

Grimhammer002363d ago

Well, they did change the battle system in terms of the Pokemon party member. And that's about it.

Adding no new enemies is a huge let down to me.
(excluding bosses)

Story I've been told 1st hand is a$$.

Think ahead - get this meh game? No.