RPGFan's Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

John McCarroll writes, "Final Fantasy XIII-2 is nothing if not a pleasant surprise. It's not perfect - the characters are one-dimensional, the dialogue is asinine, and the overall plot feels like a bunch of episodes of Quantum Leap strung together. Despite these flaws, however, XIII-2 manages to provide some significant improvements over its predecessor, making it much more like the JRPGs of yore. With its fast, entertaining battle system, interesting monster-collection elements, streamlined leveling structure, and high production values, Final Fantasy XIII-2 should fill the desire of those looking for a solid RPG."

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TheSegaDreamcast2237d ago

Score whores will probably complain about it being "5 points lower than FF13" but these are written by different authors.

jc485732237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

rpgfan is website I visit a lot. You know what? I would've paid 60 dollars for the game if it came with the 4cds and artbook. This whole monster collection thing sounds fun, but it isn't anything special imo. A direct sequel, but it feels more like a beta to me where they are still in the process of testing new gameplay.