5 Reasons Why Final Fantasy XIII Wasn't a Flop

On the eve of Final Fantasy XIII-2's release, take another look at the game that started it all.

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D_K_Head2272d ago

I'm not sure why, but I kind of liked FF13. I know it recieved a lot of hate for a percieved lack of gameplay, but the story behind it was genuinely interesting and imaginative, much like almost all of the final fantasy series has been.

That said, anything with -2 attached to the end is doomed to suffer under mountains of rage and distaste.

Tanir2272d ago

i enjoyed it too, Im gettin this for Valentines day so im gonna enjoy it since i enjoyed the first 1

Outside_ofthe_Box2272d ago

Of course it's not a flop it sold well.

Godmars2902272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

This is going to be another Dreamcast argument isn't it?

And #1: Yeah, the story was flat and poorly presented. Potential villains were introduced, barely shown then forgotten.

If anything, FFXIII screamed that it needed two things: on-rail flying/shooter segments, and henchmen boss fights. Instead there were CG cutscenes and fights with the exact same boss 3-5 times.


Can't help but notice that FFXIII-2 *DOES* have on rail flying/shooter segments - at least one - but its a bit too much on rails...

iamtehpwn2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

On the point with potential villains being forgotten, it was incredibly disappoting that Jihl Nabaat wasn't a boss. I just *knew* she was going to be a boss by pure previous Final Fantasy logic.... you know, she'd transform into a monster or something...and it'd be something like a Lady Yunalesca boss fight. but I guess not :|

@GodMars Above

I completely agree.
Why is that out of all those times you flew an airship, you couldn't control it? All those shoot out sequences in CG scenes, and they didn't make even one interactive.

One of things I liked about older Final Fantasy's is that they used mini-games as a way to immerse you, VII did an excellent job at this.

Outside_ofthe_Box2272d ago

Yeah that's one of the reasons why I loved 7. I loved raising chocobos and racing with them. Good times.

RedDead2272d ago

Yeah 7 had the bike game, Chocobo's, the RTS thing on Condor mountain, Submarine combat thing, maze in the snow where you had to use a map. Then the gold saucer and many more small ones like the squatting competition.

GraveLord2272d ago

At the worst, XIII was a mediocre RPG.


At the best,a tragic and stale piece of an ongoing tragic and stale display

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