Dead Space & Devil May Cry 4 Running on PS Vita Via Remote Play

DualShock Nexus: So far we've seen games like Battlefield 3, Red Dead Redemption, Mortal Kombat, and a few others being played on the PlayStation Vita via Remote Play. These games are only capable of doing this because of custom firmware installed on a PlayStation 3 system, but it is still very interesting to see new games pop up. This week we've spotted Dead Space and Devil May Cry 4 being played on the PS Vita.

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SPARDA_4262360d ago

Seeing Devil May Cry 4 on the psvita makes me happy :D

zerocrossing2360d ago

It would be great if the Vita became a life line for some of our forgotten games that where abandoned in place of the so called AAA :/... here's hoping =)

DidYouRikeIt2360d ago

What's so amazing about this? I can stream PS3 games to my IPAD. IPAD has a higher resolution, and a bigger screen to boot!

cochise3132360d ago

ipad doesn't have buttons.

user39039992360d ago

you forgot the crappy controls on the the ipad.

Solid_Snake372359d ago

lol love you name, Kojima is awesome! But that's macfag talk. iPad is not a dedicated gaming platform

Game4life2360d ago

I wanna see heavy rain on there.or eye pet.or better yet DARK SOULS

josephayal2360d ago

Once again Sony's innovation and excellence

ReservoirDog3162360d ago

Well it's custom firmware.

Just saying.

Spitfire_Riggz2360d ago

Yeah thats the kind of stuff that excited me about custom firmware, intelligent people taking advantage.

But it was all piracy...

ReservoirDog3162360d ago

@ spit

Yup. I remember I hacked my PSP and all the nonpiracy stuff was really worth it and never got into the games but it made it a better music player, all the homebrew games and everything else. I unhacked after dark alex dropped off the scene and that meant I couldn't play new games after so yeah.

But if only hacking wasn't so synonymous with piracy. Say all they want about "backups" but if only they'd just disable that.

HeavenlySnipes2360d ago

I wanna see Skyrim run on that. I'd just lie in bed and never get up again

SpitTake2360d ago

The FPS is not that good

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The story is too old to be commented.