What Do American Gamers Think of the Vita?

The IGN PlayStation Team descends on a PlayStation Vita event to get the straight scoop.

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Chapulin2239d ago

Ima get a Vita and HD Beers.

Magnus2239d ago

I just came for the HD beers man that was awsome. Still getting a Vita day one

jthamind2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

ugh ugh ugh....

i'm not a handheld gamer at all (haven't owned one since the Gameboy Color), but the Vita is really growing on me. i just don't wanna splurge and have it end up being an impulse buy. especially when i can play games that are as good or much better on my TV or PC screen instead of a 5" screen, or however big Vita's screen is.

but still.....i kinda want one. lol.

Sobari2239d ago

Not really that interested in it, personally.

MySwordIsHeavenly2239d ago

So, you just don't like video games? I understand.

Sobari2239d ago

If the Vita actually had any games that looked interesting, I might buy it.

forevercloud30002239d ago

Soooooo what you are saying is you have no taste then?

JaredH2239d ago

Based on all these comments I'm guessing the majority of people on this site are just like the guy with the Infamous backpack...

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The story is too old to be commented.