The Nintendo Resolution Part 1: What the Wii Has in Store for 2012

GP: "Let's face it, Nintendo didn't exactly have the best year in 2011. Aside from the unveiling of a new console, releasing the 3DS, and coming out with a few great games here and there, the Big N also had a few problems that made some people wonder if it was time to pull a Sega and call it quits in the 1st-party market. But even though they had a bit of a stock market bump, a little trouble getting the 3DS off the ground, and only released a fraction of the quality games the competition had, it'll take a whole lot more to stop those guys.

And now, with the new year finally upon us, it's time for Nintendo to make their big New Year's resolution. So what do they have in store for us? What are their plans to resolve the somewhat mediocre year they had in 2011? With a few big names planned for the Wii's last few breaths, the release of the Wii's successor - the Wii U, and a continuation of the amazing line-up the 3DS began to see toward the end of last year, the Big N doesn't plan on playing around this year. Well...other than playing their games, that is."

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GamePodunk2217d ago

Can't wait for it!

Also, I'd be very surprised if The Last Story doesn't come to North America in 2012.

zerocrossing2217d ago

you guys are in for a real treat, enjoy!