Battlefield 3 - RendeZook in real life

DSOGaming writes: "Remember that mind-blowing RendeZook video of Battlefield 3? You know, the one that a player exits his plane in mid-air, destroys an enemy airplane with a rocket, and then re-enters it? Well, YouTube member ‘ThereIsaCanal’ went ahead and recreated that scene in real life. This is really mind-blowing and you should definitely take a look at it. Congrats ‘ThereIsaCanal’, such an amazing work mate. Enjoy everyone!"

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Undeadwolfy2062d ago

Haha thats pretty damn good.

Snookies122062d ago

If it hadn't said it was a real life version of it... I would have watched this video and thought it was just Battlefield 3... That game just looks too damn good lol.

Mrmagnumman3572062d ago

I know! The pc version is the best looking game ever, it looks so real. But you dont realize just how real until you see it against real life footage

Hufandpuf2062d ago

The CGI looked fake. But when he jumps out it looked awesome.