Johan Andersson to talk in GDC2012; new terrain talk about what DICE has been working on for FB2

DSOGaming writes: "GDC2012 starts in almost 5 weeks and DICE’s rendering architect, Johan Andersson, has revealed that DICE will attend and he will talk about the terrain system in Frostbite 2 as it was applied in Battlefield 3. According to GDC’s schedule, session is partitioned into three parts. The first part consists the scalability aspects, while the second will be focussed towards workflow aspects and describe how DICE has achieved full in-game realtime editing."

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MGRogue20172360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Ooo.. Sounds interesting. Let's hope that someone brings a camera along & records lots of footage of the entire event.

Hufandpuf2360d ago

just news for upcoming game devs. I wan't to hear about updates, DLC, community events, tournaments, and future plans for the franchise. It's been a little too quiet over at DICE HQ lately.