Hand Held Consoles Aren’t Going Anywhere, Analysts Are Wrong

For a few years now analysts have been predicting that handheld consoles will fade away so that cell phones and tablets will reign supreme. This has been a topic many people have been following for awhile, but Cory think's that analysts could be more wrong.

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klecser2271d ago

I think there are even stronger arguments than the ones levelled in the article.

1) The cost isn't really cheaper on a phone on account of the data plan. Consumers have essentially been "tricked" into thinking their smart phones and apps are cheap. Its pretty brilliant from a marketing standpoint...and also incredibly dickish.

2) The "superficiality" isn't due to length, but control scheme in more cases. Limitations in complexity to the scheme making for a less rich experience. Awkwardness of touch only schemes for shooter and other schemes that need more responsive controls.

3) Perhaps most importantly, BUSINESS analysts are doing what business analysts do. They're pretending like they understand segments of a market and their purchasing habits when they really don't. In this internet-fueled world, everybody can pretend to be an expert in anything, and Wall Street analysts are amongst the worst. Smartphones are doing well. No doubts there. Apps are a successful business model, IF YOU CAN SELL HUGE VOLUMES, hence the casual nature. But this success has caused them to draw the wrong conclusion: If something is doing well, it MUST mean that something else is or will be doing bad, right? No. History doesn't pan out to that for every product. Some, yes. But I think they don't understand the sub-demographic that buys handheld consoles, and they're drawing improper conclusions.