Back Up: 12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Card - $35.99 (Save $24) with Free shipping at Amazon

"Today, Amazon dropped the price of 12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold membership cards $24!

Grab a 12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Card for $35.99 (Save $20) with Free shipping at Amazon!

Can be used to create a new account or extend an existing membership (even multiple years)!

This is the lowest price of 2012, so snag one (or two) if still available!"

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Biohazard88602362d ago

Xbox live even at that price is a ripoff just too play your game online.... sorry but i think that

jetlian2362d ago

9 day account!!! people trolling. with deals every week and better online its worth every penny.

Biohazard88602362d ago

Umm im not trolling bro its just my opinion.

urwifeminder2362d ago

Ha i pay that for 3 months great deal, i gladly pay its my online social gaming hub allways chatting and playing on to my 5th year on xbox live been very happy with the smooth service .

NoobJobz2362d ago

You pay that for 3 months? Where are you buying from?

Venjense2362d ago

Your 360 hardware and online alone probably cost you over $700 then if you've been using live for 5 years.

360 is the only console that costs you more each year.