Club Nintendo Sending Out Replacement Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Poster

Link's Hideaway writes:

"An error on the Skyward Sword poster from the Club Nintendo Zelda 25th Anniversary Poster Set has been informed to Nintendo. They are going to send out replacements."

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Magnus2364d ago

Hopefully the flaw will be a collectors item in the future like a miss print in a stamp.

Autydi2364d ago

That's how I think it may turn out. Too bad I didn't order them. XD

Leonesaurus2363d ago

I got an email from Nintendo last night about my poster set I ordered. I've had the posters for at least a month now I think... Since the first week of January I'd say and I never noticed the flaw until I checked on mine last night.

As an artist myself, I fully understand why they would want to send out the improved version, but I think it's just cool I'll have 2 of the same Zelda posters.