What Should Nintendo Do In 2012?

It's a big year for the Big N. The 3DS has finally picked up steam, and the impressive list of upcoming games for the portable may keep selling the system well through the year. Also, the Wii U will be in our hands before the year is out, so it's time for more than an appetizer at the game shows from Nintendo. But what about their current console, or the prayers from gamers for a new model of the 3DS?

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Colwyn2305d ago

what nintendo shouldnt do in 2012.

nintendont release a shoddy hardware but release a powerful one.

nintendont say remote play is innovative when psp and ps3 was doing it 7 years ago.

EcoSos32304d ago

Power does not make a console good look at the ps2 and ds they both were the most weak in their gen and they ended being the best consoles to own.

About remote play Nintendo has been doing it since the Gamecube even the NES let you play your gameboy games with the nesgameboy cartridge and the N64 let you play with the pokemon games on pokemon stadium.

Fierce Musashi2304d ago

Pay no heed to that mess up there. It gets a kick out of trolling the Wii U section.

Taibo2304d ago

If you ignore him he might just go get a life

yabhero2304d ago

I glad they aren't releasing shoddy hardware because the only hardware they are releasing is the WiiU. When the WiiU is releasing whether you like it or not it will be the most powerful gaming console for a short time. Then things will likely change but rumors tell us anywhere between 2-5 times the power of PS3/360
LOL @ the fact you think that remote play even compares to WiiU's functions

SonyNGP2304d ago

That's not remote play, moron.

ChickeyCantor2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Being loyal is one thing.
Being blind is another.

May your gods be with you.

Game3s2304d ago

Here you are defaming nintendo here and promoting sony over there just stop it, it has been proven people with a low IQ are prejudice.

bergoo2304d ago

Dude chill you're making sony fans look retarded.

rexbolt2304d ago

for your information nintendo has been doing his ever since the gba so no sony did not come up with this nor did sony even use it and btw do u jus sit on ur pc 24/7 hiting refresh on n4g so u are able to be first commenter on every nintendo artical? i always exspect to use ur lifeless self here and guess what i was right again.

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tehpees32304d ago

Release Wii U with Mario.

zero_cool2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Create an actual successor to these below for starters...

P.S..The technology is there & it's quite cost effective these days to make it an reality.

Now You're Playing With Power!

jaymart2k2304d ago

Make Nintendo Network like PSN or Xbox Live
Release 3DS with built in 2nd analog stick
Wii U to have major 3rd party support

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