Dylan Jobe comments about the possibility of a colorblind mode in Starhawk

LightBox Interactive’s Dylan Jobe comments about the possibility of the developer adding a special display mode for colorblind people in their upcoming Playstation 3 game, Starhawk.

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plumber152394d ago

I am really enjoying the beta but my only worry is , I hope that the things you can build in the beta isn't the only things to build . Other then that it's been fun .

BitbyDeath2394d ago

There will have to be other buildings for Tank and Jetbike at least. Hopefully they'll allow for it to be configured so further buildings can be patched in down the line.

cyberwaffles2394d ago

knowing these guys, they will patch in (maybe DLC) other buildings/vehicles. they added a few different vehicles in warhawk like APCs and stuff.

mastershredder2394d ago

The lack of Warhawk level dog fights is what is lacking for me. When I thinking mechs, I expected something Macross pluss style. More ride by the seat of your pants type gameplay. I wanted something more limber and acrobatic, not a clunky slow walking target. I so miss my lovely VTOL. I know it's not supposed to be Warhawk, but the air/space combat is where I expected my mind to be blown. It's not.

fr0sty2394d ago

So he'll put in optional display modes for colorblind people, but won't put in optional control modes for people who liked controlling the game with sixaxis over using the analog sticks (like me)... Lame.

jukins2394d ago

whats lame is you comparing your desire to have sixaxis control (maybe you and 2 other people liked it) against people who may be color blind.

fr0sty2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

What is truly lame is you trying to act as if you have any idea how many people out there like sixaxis control, and even going so far as to pull a number out of your ass to try to back up your bullshit point.

BitbyDeath2393d ago

Could be wrong but i think Jobe talked about adding it in as a future update.

He did mention female skins and something else so i am thinking Sixaxis support was it.

jukins2393d ago

haha you can tell how many people like sixaxis by the support its getting in starhawk. So I do have an idea because if you know how the developers of warhawk/starhawk are, then you'd know they take player suggestions seriously and obviously not enough of them were "i want to use sixaxis" so my point isnt bullshit i just backed it up. Oh well theres always Lair and warhawk for ya