210° Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review As most of you know, a few months ago I was flown out to L.A. by Square Enix and got to give FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 a preliminary spin. I’ll be honest, prior to attending this event, I was skeptical about XIII-2. Granted, I was excited for the game, the announcement trailer looked quite promising, as did the subsequent trailer featuring gameplay. Even so, after FINAL FANTASY XIII, I was unsure about a sequel. Don’t get me wrong, I liked XIII, a lot actually, I find I’m one of the bigger fans of the game. Criticism notwithstanding, I still felt wary about a XIII-2. So, it was a pleasant surprise when I finally got my hands on it, and almost instantly felt a lot better. It was clear right from the get go that Square Enix took XIII’s criticism to heart and worked hard to improve on things in XIII-2.

Now Square has thankfully given us a full review copy of the PS3 version, here is my final impressions of their attempts to win back some of the pessimists.

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GraveLord2307d ago

Can't wait to get my copy tomorrow.

Knight_Cid2307d ago

me to would be my second

GamingTruth2307d ago

finally a review that seems credible for once, never saw what the internet thought was so bad about ff13, but 13-2 seems like a big overhaul to an already great game

Ryo-Hazuki2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

It's cool to hate everything related to 13. Truth is 13 was still solid but of course it had issues and 13-2 improves on a lot of those issues.

GamingTruth2307d ago

the final fantasy 13 and 13-2 hate crew has arrived, you can tell by the disagrees

Outside_ofthe_Box2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Kind of funny that a review that seems 'credible for once' is from a FINALFANTASY-XIII.NET website. SO OBVIOUSLY the review was not biased at all. It was a completely fair and honest review. Very credible. Yes indeed.

But hey what do I know!?

Biggest2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Wanting to know how FFXIII-2 stacks up to Final Fantasy fans is credible. The thing about opinions, which is what reviews have become, is that you look for people that have similar opinions and ideas. If they focus on other games you like, which in this case would be Final Fantasy, their word is worth more than someone that doesn't focus on any particular game.

Edit: To comment on the actual review...
FFXIII is too linear!!!!!
"Since you’re given a lot of freedom, some specific parts of the plot don’t add up right away. There’s no set order to complete accessible areas, so I completed some tasks earlier or later than the story’s timeline assumed."

The story makes no sense! I don't want to read a stupid datalog!!!
"“When was that touched upon?” to which people respond “It was in the datalog.” Thankfully you’ll find less instances of that. While there is plenty of info to read in the datalog it didn’t feel all that integral, or rather it was purely more supplementary to the story."

All those stupid hallways!!!
"...the maps are much more intricate as opposed to the so described “hallways” of XIII. Heck, I even got lost on occasion. It was much more interesting traversing through areas this time around."

Why isn't there a Golden Saucer or side quests? This is so linear and boring!!!
"Whenever I felt the need to want to stop progressing in the story or if I just wanted to take a break and just play around with things, I felt that I could. One of the best things about this game is that you aren’t confined to any one space for too long and there is just so much to do. There are over 150 objects to collect called “fragments”. You can get them by finding them on the field or as rewards for completing various side missions offered throughout the entirety of the game. There’s even a casino called Serendipity that has Slots, Chocobo Racing, and more (to be added with DLC). Now that Gil is much easier to obtain, you can blow it all on coins for the casino. Win coins and you can exchange them for prizes and exclusive adornments for your monster. You can even talk to an NPC there who will give you various new abilities if you’ve found lots of fragments, a decent incentive to go searching for them."

Hate the game because you want to hate the game. Don't pretend SE didn't listen and didn't address the majority of complaints given to FFXIII.

Blastoise2307d ago

Wow a site called enjoyed Final fantasy XIII-2...Shocker

HarryMasonHerpderp2307d ago

Hey i heard amy got 10/10 on! so getting it now!

Blastoise2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Really?! I heard really enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever. Be sure to check it out for a fair review! I think they gave it full marks!

HarryMasonHerpderp2307d ago

sweet! nothing like a good honest unbiased review
that you can count on!

TheUnbiasedLion2306d ago

Even though it's a clearly biased website am glad they enjoyed it.

It's a game that's not everyones cup of tea even for ff fans. If you hate the game stop going on the links to trash it. (same for every game).