IGN: Everything We Know About Halo 4

IGN: Halo 4 is the seventh Halo game and the fifth on the Xbox 360. Halo 4 begins a new trilogy of games called the The Reclaimer Trilogy, following the protagonist John-117 (Master Chief) of the original Halo trilogy. Halo 4 was announced on June 6, 2011 at Microsoft's E3 press conference. [1] It has been confirmed for Xbox 360, but has not been announced for PC or the upcoming Xbox successor.

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Convas2391d ago

"Everything We Know About Halo 4" ... which is damn near jack squat.

A recent ARG/AI Communication has started on the Halo Waypoint forums, hints that we'll get info anywhere between today (1/30) and February 15th. Here's hoping.

We haven't had any really solid info on this game since August.

wwm0nkey2391d ago

I like the lack of info, better than Bungie giving us too much info or info on things that dont make it into the game.

Venjense2391d ago

We all know MSs E3 will be all about Halo 4. Dont expect major 720 news.

Biohazard88602391d ago

Cant wait too see where the story of the game goes.