Same Price, No Game, Pink Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has removed nintendogs + cats from the Pearl Pink 3DS bundle, but hasn't changed the price.

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SactoGamer2426d ago

Three words: Relative rip off.

TheSoundDefense2426d ago

I'm a bit torn on this one. On the one hand, this is the standard 3DS price; on the other hand, there are still other bundles out there with the same price that give you more. I can imagine people being disappointed buying this and then finding out they could have have a game too, for free.

Wenis2426d ago

I dont see the big deal. The games that were included were included FREE, so now the games are just no longer free.

SuperStrokey11232426d ago

I agree Wenis, think of it as a holiday bundle from any of the other makers. It last for a while and then it ends.

It sucks for sure but it happends all the time

Pushagree2426d ago

This is pretty unmanly.

MultiConsoleGamer2426d ago

So it's the same price as every other 3ds? Big deal.

PCE2426d ago

Happens with every company selling consoles. This is no different, but all of a sudden it's just evil simply because it's Nintendo.

Nes_Daze2426d ago

I'm sure my 8 yr old niece will love this. After all, Nintendo is mostly just good at focusing on the casual audience, aka your little kids, preteens, and a few "adults".

axisofweevils2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Basically, Nintendo release 3DS for $250
Nintendo price drop it to $170.
Around the holiday period, that $170 console is part of a LIMITED EDITION bundle with a free game.
Holiday period over, the free game's removed. But the console is still $80 cheaper than when it launched.

And of course, this could be a good thing if for some reason you wanted a Pink console but hated Nintendogs...