Twisted Metal Health Pick Ups – An Issue or Not?

MP1st - A few days ago, David Jaffe announced that Health Pick ups would have no options to be turned off. These users on both the Twisted Metal Community Forums and the TMAlliance boards have been complaining about the recent announcement of a no health pick-up option in un-ranked games, and even in certain ranked games. The main reason for these complaints is that it makes the game feel less skillful and dumb down compared to previous Twisted Metal games.

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Nitrowolf22508d ago

I think people on the forums really overreacted to this. The demo comes out tomorrow so we'll all see how whether health pick-ups become annoying during battle

Gaming1012508d ago

Every twisted metal game thus far has had health regeneration, this is nothing new, and this is a completely non-issue troll article.

Nitrowolf22508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Um no they didn't.

TM3 had Health Pick ups and options to have semi, none, or full health pick-ups
Even black had pick-ups
but of course 989 studio was in charge of 3 and 4

Jaffe even commented on this because many were tweeting him and forums were becoming a bothersome to him over the issue with health pick ups

The main issue with the health pick-up system that people have been arguing is that it takes away from the whole skill system. The fact that they didn't include an off switch for them in custom games is what they are complaining about.

Not that I am agreeing, since they haven'tplayed the demo

Nitrowolf22508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

"Um no they didn't. "

My bad here. They do all have a health system, but the options to have them off have been available in the recent titles.

-Mika-2508d ago

Omg are people really complaining about this? Lie i said in another post. Gamers these days complain too much.

Nitrowolf22508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

It's an issue that people had with the old TM games. You would chase then around and they would randomly run into health pick ups. There was an option to turn them off completely. It's not something that started this gen anyway, it was an issue in the last but the option o turn them off was there.

what I find most surprising though is that there are people who are saying the game will fail or they won't buy it only because of that reason. Like really? They said they were listening to them and will have something for them later.

Ducky2508d ago

I've always liked health pickups. It adds some flow to the map because players will always try to reach certain areas for health instead of just circling the power weapons.

... but I guess if people want it, then there's no harm with giving options.
I am a bit surprised though, didn't know there were many people that liked playing without health pickups. Or well, not many people nowadays in any case.

GTRrocker2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

WTF... I am an active member on the TM forums and only like 3 people were complaining about this on the forums. They made multiple threads and trolled and and they got the attention. Who cares. Stupid article.

ElliePage2508d ago

This is just even more of a reason to skip this. The PS1 Twisted Metal games are better.

nolifeking2508d ago

The PS1 TM games that also had health pickups?

Blaine2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

The PS1 TM games had health regen stations.

You fail.

Edit: got ninja'd!

nolifeking2508d ago

Why don't you go play 1 and 2 and tell me how you got health back. You would have been better of keeping your mouth shut instead off actively making yourself look stupid.

soundslike2508d ago

1 had regen stations, 2 had pickups

Blaine2508d ago

30 seconds in, a HEALTH STATION.

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