The FRAG: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Jason from the FRAG writes: "Final Fantasy has had a rough time through the years; ever since hitting a high with Final Fantasy VI and VII, Square have been at ends trying to find that magic that made the series so amazing. Fans thought all was lost when Final Fantasy XIII shattered their dreams apart with its linear gameplay and characters which irritated in ways we previously though only young Anakin and Jar-Jar Binks could do. Still, it appears as though Square want to make amends for their mistakes in the past, as so they made Final Fantasy XIII-2."

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PshycoNinja2514d ago

Oh look, another 8/10. I think its safe to say this game will be an 8/10 for most publications and fans.

Pesmare2513d ago

Our scale is a little different though. Industry standard is 7/10 for an average, ours is 5/10. So really, this game is considered "Great", rather than good. :)

Outside_ofthe_Box2513d ago

Then I think you should change your score to 6 then.

Pesmare2513d ago

Why, because the rest of the industry gave it the same score I did? Isn't it possible I found it better than they did, as in the long run a review is an opinion? I enjoyed the characters, the story, the battle, it was just let down a little by sound and a few other niggles. An 8 sounds about right to me.

Outside_ofthe_Box2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

I was merely stating my opinion.

I said I 'think' you should change your score to 6. I'm not saying that you 'have' to.

Pesmare2513d ago

Yeah that's fair enough. Didn't mean to sound stand-offish, just justifying the score.

susanto12282513d ago

I actually feel bad for Square Enix and the Final Fantasy franchise...once a golden standard in JRPG how the mighty have fallen. 8/10? Isn't that close to the score that FF13 got?
To date Square Enix's last two failures FF14 and FF13 haven't taught them a dam thing. They continue to cater to the Japanese gamer instead or the worldwide gamer you guys think the majority of Japanese gamers care about these little things we complained about in FF13 ..please. Has Square Enix learned their lesson form their last 2 debacles? Hell no. Things just keep getting worse and worse for this company sad really.