PS Vita 3G SKU Bundle pre-order in top 10 post $55 Bonus

Sony Corp.’s Playstation Vita 3G / Wi-Fi SKU ranked in the top 10 pre-order sales at Inc. this week post a new sales initiative to offer $55 in bonus content with the hardware.

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GribbleGrunger2360d ago

it's great that those that already preordered get the upgraded version

Burning_Finger2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

I'm one of those sucker. lol

23 more days...


My GF thinks otherwise lol

gamernova2360d ago

Sucker? Man, that VITA will probably get you laid hahaha

2360d ago
Stephen55432360d ago

I'm glad that they're doing things to add value and boost sales. I really want this system to do well. For now, due to money restrictions, I'm gonna hold off and wait for the games I want to be released.

Smashbro292360d ago

Yeah, big news "Sony made a pack that gave people more for less on a product that's already highly anticipated and its doing well".

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