Primecast Episode 2, “This is How We MEGA MAN”

It’s clear we love Mega Man. It’s clear we love retro games. Which is why we find Mega Man in Street Fighter x Tekken hilarious. For me, the funniest bit is how his name shows up in all caps in the game. So you can have matches like “Hwoarang vs MEGA MAN.” Brilliant Capcom, brilliant.

Aside from that, this week our lovely cast talks about some other news stories, but mostly HD remakes and how we feel about them. It was a bit of a slow news week, but that didn’t keep up from having a good conversation. So make sure you download, give it a listen, and subscribe!

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FinaLXiii2511d ago

LMAO Capcom is trolling hard with Megaman fans.

zerocrossing2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

It's like they're highlighting the fact it's "MEGA MAN" not Rock Man, well you can't say they didn't give the fans what they want...

Biohazard88602511d ago

Whats with the disagree lol

Infernostew2511d ago

I love how people are overreacting to the joke characters in this game. Both Megaman and Pacman look like a blast to play as. Some people can't take a good joke.

MrChrisNo12511d ago

I stand by what I said in the podcast - people should be pleased to have extra characters that have no place in either Tekken or Street Fighter. They're not obliged to use them and they are just a bit of fun.

Sonic9jct2510d ago

If there's someone fans SHOULD be complaining about, it's Cole. He doesn't belong on the game and is clearly shoehorned in. It's like how Spawn was the only out of place character in Soul Calibur 2.

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