Bungie Weekly Update: 12/14/07 - 'We're playing the next batch of DLC'

Bungie's Frank O'Connor writes:

"We're playing the next batch of DLC. This first trio has been very well received. Eventually your Halo experience will be so swollen and engorged that you'll have a hard time even remembering what the original map selection was. In the future, we'll be bringing you more fully custom built maps and they may include one or more of the following:

- Symmetrical arena maps for competitive play.
- Returning classics demanded by the fans.
- Crazy new stuff you never expected.
- Unusual maps with lots of potential for interesting game types.
- Graphically spectacular settings.
- More Forge objects to use on new maps.
- Surprises."

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iceice1233815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Or once again I'll wait until they're free =)

Texas GMR3815d ago

for the Lone Wolves and doubles players.

I Call 9MM3815d ago

I just hope they don't overcharge for packs that include older maps, even if they have been touched up. A pack with all new content, fine, charge us for it, but if it's old maps, they should be bundling up 2 or 3 of them on top of a couple of new ones, so like 4-6 maps in a pack for the same price. Just seems fair.

SynGamer3815d ago

So this further proves that they've had at least a handful of maps ready to go before the game released and yet they are now charging us 800 points for 3 maps...i'll save my money and wait for them to release them for free since they should have been included on the game disc (at least the LE or Legendary discs would have made sense).

I Call 9MM3815d ago

I personally think it is never a good idea to include extra game content like levels with a special edition of a game. That just separates the community into those that do have the content and those that don't. Glad they never did that. But of course they had some levels being built, at least partially or almost finished by the time Halo 3 shipped. They make money off of downloadable content, it's business. they just charge too much is all.

Nameless3815d ago

Blood Gulch !!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaja14343815d ago

I demand the return of Red vs Blue!

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