"The Xbox 720 Won't Play Used Games" Debacle

Sometimes it feels like the internet has become one big game of Chinese whispers, as all the usual suspects try and guess exactly what the iPhone 5 or iPad 3 will look like and the technology behind them. Last week, the internet rumour mill went into overdrive at the report of the next generation of console from Microsoft, dubbed as the ‘Xbox 720’ by journalists desperately trying to stay, quite literally, ahead of the game.

The big headlines informed us that in October 2013, we should expect a new console with graphics processing power six times that of the Xbox 360, a Blu-Ray player, the next generation of Microsoft’s motion-detecting Kinect system and finally, the infamous sting that angered gamers, is that it may not play used games.

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Jdoki2509d ago

This will soon blow over (unless it ends up being true!! ;) ).

How many people remember the EXACT same stories appearing in 2005 about the PS3?

Candy12508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

If the 720 doesn't play used games, i'm finished with console gaming. Disliking some games has always been a casualy in finging one's that Wow. Coupled with the unpolished factors, binned games consequently could spell worsening marketing elasticity against value for money gaming.