Chief of Sony PlayStation Network NA departs

The Chief of Sony Entertainments Playstation Network has departed the company. There has been no news as to who will be replacing her as of yet but no doubt Sony will be quick to fill the role to ensure that PSN runs smoothly. Read on for more on the subject.

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fluffydelusions2364d ago

Just make sure it's someone who knows their stuff Sony!

Colwyn2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

sony should bring back ken kutaragi and phil harrison

gamingdroid2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Phil Harrison was pretty good. Too bad he left, I think he was the shining star in SNE.

Ken Kutaragi might have been responsible for two generation of console dominance, but the success obviously went to this head and we got the PS3. It was a financial hell for Sony and how it lost it's dominance.

FriedGoat2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Someone needs to come to Europe so that we actually get treated as customers. The PSN Service here is blooming atrocious everything is late to the store, we still have no PS2 Classics. The content on store is region free so Q&A does not need to be there, I get things from the USA store often and it all works fine, games do not need to be delayed. I wouldn't be surprised if its just 2 guys hitting keyboards with their faces.

OllieBoy2364d ago

I wish Grace Chen would leave...

Ryo-Hazuki2364d ago

agree. I would sign off on Eric Lempel

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Dlacy13g2363d ago

Being head of PSN over the past few years had to have been one hell of a stressful job. Hacking aside, I am sure there is constant pressure in that position to innovate, drive consumer spend and stay profitable. Can't be terribly easy.

cstyle2363d ago

A lot of people seem to be leaving sony lately.

ZippyZapper2363d ago

Jumping sh... nevermind that joke is old anyway

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