British Game Cheaters More Likely to Be Dishonest in Everything

Do you know someone who cheats in their games? They might not be someone to trust in real life either. PopCap Games, a casual game developer and distributor, has recently conducted an interesting survey with Information Solutions Group which shows that nearly 50 percent of people who cheat at social video games are more than likely to cheat at everything else in real life.

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fluffydelusions2482d ago

Looks like us yanks are the honest people left now...

/me runs off and hides

pandaboy2482d ago

"43% of people who cheat at social games report stealing magazines from a waiting room"

haha, I'm sceptical enough of this data as it is but that just takes the piss. The title might as well read 'cheaters more like to cheat' is what I gather from it all.

fOrlOnhOpe572482d ago

I hate seeing a full able-bodied person get out having parked in a Disabled bay. Im a Brit who hates rule breakers and all the tax spongers that bleed our system. ( Im also struck down with flu at the moment and in a shitty mood lol)