Port Royale 3 Hands-On Preview

Andrew writes:

"Welcome my sea loving dwellers! Yes, I'm talking to you my fellow Pirates, Traders and/or Privateers. How would you like to play the next Real Time Strategy game on the seas? Who wouldn't?! Controlling your very own ship, visiting/trading with cities within the Caribbean, attacking other ships on the ocean wither it's a friend or not. While in San Francisco I got to spend some time with this new and upcoming game created by Gaming Minds and published by Kalypso Media. When it comes to RTS games Kalypso is right on top of some of the top games, which need to be played.

Now I know some of you might enjoy your First Person shooter or your every day musical game but my favorite is strategy games. Anyone can pull a trigger to kill someone but with a strategy game it will require you to plan your every move ranging from what you buy, build, and do. With Port Royale 3 you'll be located near the 17th Century in which the kingdoms of Spain, England, France and Netherlands happen to be in your area fighting each other and trading away as any country would do. Let’s go into the adventure and see what will be happening with your young character."

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