Most Anticipated PS3 Exclusives of 2012

Trendy Gamers: 2011 was an amazing year for the PS3 and 2012 continues that tradition. The quality of games releasing solely on the PS3 is unprecedented and each and every game on this list has the potential to be our PS3 Game of the Year.

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shodan742512d ago

I know The Last Guardian has been a long-time coming but you can't help getting excited about a new Team Ico game. Also extremely intrigued by The Last Of Us - can't wait to see some gameplay footage.

sikbeta2512d ago

The Last of Us for me as it's made by one of the best Devs in the Game Industry, TLG should be out this year, I want to know what it's going to happen to Team Ico after this game comes out now that Ueda is leaving the Studio...

fluffydelusions2512d ago

I can't call it yet without some concrete release dates. Versus 13, Last Guardian, Agent, The Last of Us etc I all very much anticipate but who knows when they will release. We are just _hoping_ it's this year.

TrendyGamers2512d ago

I was going to put Agent and Versus XIII but those are more than likely either 2012 titles or may come to the Xbox 360.

Hopefully they come out this year, but the odds are low.

DigitalRaptor2512d ago

Agent is one of those I just can't anticipate, since I know very very little about it.

Versus 13, TLG and TLOU I feel will all be excellent!

Godmars2902512d ago

Get the feeling that some of those games wont be out till 2013.

n4gisatroll2512d ago

I think other than The Last of Us, for obvious reasons like its a ND game, the game I want most is Sorcery.

TrendyGamers2512d ago

Sorcery really does look like a lot of fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.