Angry Birds head states piracy not ‘a bad thing’

During the Midem conference in Cannes this morning, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed claimed that in certain situations piracy isn’t really "a bad thing” after all, stating that the broadening of the Angry Birds brand via the act could only lead to “more business.”

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amlabella2509d ago

Well that's a really refreshing stance on the issue.

cyberwaffles2509d ago

yes, it is nice to see someone look at the issue glass half full rather than empty . still though, in many cases piracy ain't right (i.e. name titles like assassins creed, battlefield, etc being put on torrents weeks before actual release.)

ninjaman9992509d ago

Although Ubisoft has been using some REALLY F-ed up DRM for games like Driver SF (Always ON) and Anno 2070 (Hardware Changes requires reactivation of your 3 activation limit) its still bad to pirate...