3 ways to rekindle your fire for MMOs

Relearn to love your massively multiplayer role-playing games with three simple tips.

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ATi_Elite2514d ago

well i was never really into MMO's cause they all played like WoW but with the current wave of action MMO's coming out all is about to change.

currently playing Black Prophecy, Vindictus, Dragon Nest

waiting for: Tera, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Firefall, and a few others.

Tanir2514d ago

dude u have great taste. Same, my fiance and i are basically done with Vindictus till episode 9:Dragon comes out aswell as Episode 10 and the 5th character Kai.

Dragon nest is awesome, Rusty Hearts is pretty good too, very much waiting for Tera though

pucpop2514d ago

mmo sounds a bit clinnical, jazz up the name then i might give this genre a go

Montrealien2514d ago

Yeah, jazz up the name so pucpop from N4G could give it a go. Maybe once they change the name of the genre, it will get popular also...

SybaRat2514d ago

OooOOOoOooo...Planetside 2! I keep forgetting that one's coming out. Someday.