Vita’s UK Launch Line-Up Priced

The PlayStation Vita might be retailing at a bit of a decent price, but the games aren’t going to be cheap. At least in some cases.

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GribbleGrunger2484d ago

they need to sort an average price out for the games. £45 for FIFA? mmmmm... a little steep in my opinion

Kurisu2484d ago

Yea £45 for Fifa is ridiculous. But some of the prices are pretty reasonable.

Razongunz2484d ago

i wouldn't get fifa even if it was for free.

FriedGoat2483d ago

These aren't reasonable, not only is the uk paying 40+ more than any country for the console we're paying 44 for handheld games. I could go to France and buy a vita for £193 instead of £230. Luckily I have %10 discount on what I buy!

Rampaged Death2484d ago

If those aren't RRP then Sony are in trouble. Paying more for a portable game than a console one is crazy.

zerocrossing2484d ago

Well if it is, they''ll learn that when people refuse to buy the games.

Ddouble2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Good thing about the UK is that prices drop quick and games re usually not sold ar rrp.

£45 for Fifa is ridiculous.

Half-Mafia2484d ago

For people worrying about Uncharted and Fifa being £45. Please do a quick Google search and you will find the game much cheaper.

Fifa at sainsburys is £35
Uncharted at zavvi is also £35
Wipeout at sainsburys is £28 compared to £35 RRP.

I really want to know how much PSN versions of these games will be. Me hoping it will be £30 for uncharted, But im not holding my breath.

GribbleGrunger2483d ago

to me PSN prices are going to be the kicker. there is no doubt that the exchange rate has been largely overlooked for some reason with the price of the Vita (still worth it though IMO) so i'm hoping the prices on games are high in order to highlight how cheap they are online. we don't have a bad online infrastructure in the UK, so that could be the answer... if not, they do need a drop as soon as the eager beavers get their maulers on the hot new tech

claterz2484d ago

HMV were selling Uncharted for £25, can't believe I missed that deal!!

Hopefully the price of games will drop quickly after launch. Most people I know have only been able to pre order 1 or 2 games as they have already blew £230 on the console!

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