Final Fantasy 13-2 makes me feel like an RPG virtuoso

Samir Torres: Final Fantasy 13-2 is a cakewalk compared to its predecessor. Excellent news if you're an average RPG player like me.

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Ddouble2510d ago

XIII was easy as well. Only the cieth's, ochu and turtle monsters gave problems.

They need to constantly add some challenges to the colosseum.

NagaSotuva2510d ago

Hopefully Square Enix won't waste all downloadable content on useless extra outfits.

SybaRat2510d ago

I automatically disapprove of sequels to sequels. I can barely keep track of my feet! Don't make me learn all this "Part 2's Part 2" crap!

FinaLXiii2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

FFXIII is actually worth the play because as an interesting storyline but FFXIII-2 is just to chill out and play very casually pretty much what FFX-2 did on the PS2.

I hope square-enix doesnt make an Versus XIII-2 xD

Ddouble2510d ago

If they did make a Versus sequel it will be on the PS4 and I don't think i'll complain.

FinaLXiii2510d ago

a Versus 2 would mean a bad game belive me, Nomura is going for KH3 after versus probably.