Bioshock Little Sister Pinup: Is This Necessary?

GR - "Pinup artist Martin Abel has transformed Rapture's creepy little girl clone into something rather er...grown up. Between this and the Deus Ex: Human Revolution sexy sex sexxxxy photoshoot that popped up on the internet last week I am beginning to think someone is trolling me."

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zerocrossing2509d ago

Seriously over thinking this, it's nothing but sex appeal and it's not like the clone sister is presented as a little girl here.

scotchmouth2509d ago

Article is created to stir up hits. You are spot on

noxeven2509d ago

I like it, different take and its interesting

fluffydelusions2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Same. Looks cool IMO. Author comes off as a prude

Zardos2509d ago

It's just a "fish for hits" post. Nothing to see here. Moving along.

dumahim2509d ago

I can't even with this either.