New consoles? No thanks....

With all the talk of new consoles, has anyone really stopped to consider whether or not we need them?

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Sadie21002486d ago

Need 'em? Nah. But it's always fun to look at new tech.

reynod2486d ago

Its new tech when it arrives on the PC, when it arrives on console its just marketed as new tech lol, its actually pretty old by the time it hits the console market.

zerocrossing2486d ago

Kill Joy!!! >:D

lol, but yeah, there's no denying that fact.

the worst2486d ago

i quest that why 90% pc games suck because of new tech

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dark-hollow2486d ago

Whatever the next gen is starting this year with the wii u.

sikbeta2486d ago

2 things, no s*** :P and thank God, this gen is pretty much over, bring on the new console! :D

spicelicka2486d ago

absolutely, i wudn't buy them, but just knowing there's something out i can feel excited about makes me excited. I think we've already seen the maximum this gen tech can do so that level of excitement is gone.

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NagaSotuva2486d ago

I love new technology, but it sucks when more than one console launches at the same time.

reynod2486d ago

How is new tech and console launch associated? those 2 dont go together.

barb_wire2486d ago

Blu-Ray was new tech that didn't first appear on the PC, same goes for HD-DVD (although that format is now defunct)

bunfighterii2486d ago

Personally I'm sitting happy with a PS3 and 40 plus games in my library, about 10-15 of which I still need to pass. With Vita about to release too, which I'm all for, I don't see myself having time for or getting extra excited about a new console just right now.


Sorry guys plate is full. It can wait in my camp.

Why o why2486d ago

right with ya...Ive got games coming that can still push my syetem of choice plus there are still a bag of strong multis coming. Im in no rush for next next gen

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