PSN maintenance scheduled for Thursday, February 2nd at 2pm

The PlayStation Network will be down from Thursday, February 2nd until Friday, February 3rd, as Sony's online network has scheduled maintenance.

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remanutd552242d ago

getting ready for ps vita western launch ?

Bundi2242d ago

Thats what you people said about the last down time

GribbleGrunger2242d ago

well maybe this time they'll be right. either way it won't concern you

SilentNegotiator2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

What do you mean "you people", Bun(gie)?

Some people guessed the last one was, and some will guess this one is. And you know what? Maybe they BOTH are part of preparation for the Vita. Ever consider that, smart guy?

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Parapraxis2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Great, finally XGC!

For those who are going to whine about it... and cry about how slow updates are...get a better connection and/or learn how to configure it.

Parapraxis2242d ago

^ The XGC bit was a joke btw.

dvfaa2242d ago

I dont even know what XGC means lol

YourFlyness2241d ago

XGC= Cross game Chat.

Fun Fact: The X on the PS family of controllers isnt pronouced "ecks" but "cross"

dvfaa2241d ago

ohhhhh lol i've never seen it referenced as XGC

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Skate-AK2242d ago

Wow another one? I thought we just had one a couple weeks ago that was like 14 hours.

BrutallyBlunt2242d ago

Anyone know how often services like XBOX Live and Steam shut down for maintenance in comparison?

urwifeminder2242d ago

Not much i cant remember the last time live was down or steam for that matter.

kreate2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Xbox live was down for 1-2 days about 4 weeks ago. But few ppl were still able to get on depending on the time frame and region.

I couldnt log on for 2 days. And i live in california.

*the few ppl i asked told me they didnt have any problems, but those were xbox fanboys giving me unverified answers

EDIT: im not sure if it was maintenance or not

KontryBoy7062242d ago

Damn. Didn't this already happen? At least tell us if we can expect anything for this. Better feature? Stability? Anything?

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