SPOnG's PlayStation Vita Review - Part 3: Portability

SPOnG: "This third and final feature on the PlayStation Vita focuses on a key factor of any handheld device - its portability. You might think that this is a rather obvious point - ‘Svend, the whole reason for the existence of a portable console is so you can carry it around with you,’ I hear you cry... probably with an added ‘Doofus’ remark at the end. But there’s more to portability than just holding a device in your hands."

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GribbleGrunger2515d ago

'When you consider that my Vita review unit is running games that have been downloaded onto the system directly, and I’m still getting loading times, that’s even more of a concern. Some games are taking 20 seconds or so to load - faster than a PSP but still not good enough for games installed on a device where time is a valuable commodity.'

a whole 20 seconds?! they all add up you know...

a_bro2514d ago

yea, well, that should get fixed sooner or later...

2514d ago
matey2514d ago

WiFi is a more solid connection thats why buisness men with their laptops use WiFi not stupid 3G/4G

MasterCornholio2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

If you don't want 3G there's a Vita with only WiFi which is cheaper than the 3G one. That's the model that I will be getting at launch.

BTW there's loads of business men who use 3G my father and his associates in India all have smartphones with 3G connections that they tether to their laptops when on the job site. And the reason why that is, is because WiFi isn't available everywhere.

Edit: I hope you realize now that if you make comments like this you wont get reported for trolling which is what happens to you often whenever the Vita is involved.