Twisted Metal: Jaffe Reveals Last Minute Details on Combat & The New Demo

David Jaffe let loose some new details on Twisted Metal today. If you don’t follow DavidScottJaffe on twitter, I’d highly recommend you do, even if you’re not a Twisted Metal fan. His epic expletive enthused rants, and random response to every day experiences, should provide you with enough laughs, and passion filled commentary to keep the day moving along.

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OMEGAZONE2482d ago

I don't have a twitter account but i have Jaffe's twitter page bookmarked, his twitter feed is gold, one of the last great legends of the industry.

Can't wait to play the demo!

guitarded772482d ago

Twisted Metal + SSX = BEST FEBRUARY EVER!!!

salinidus2482d ago

there is some gameplay on this vid with some actual non-jaded gamer commentary.

BobbyMcCOOL2482d ago

make that four. Game is looking epic.

Tonester9252482d ago

Just pre-ordered the game yesterday! I have faith that I'm going to be on this title for a long time. lol