Mass Effect 3 characters: the fates of Garrus, Ashley, Mordin and more

OXM writes: "Over the past few months we've spent more time than is probably healthy thinking about Mass Effect 3. Even having been lucky enough to get our hands on it for an hour or two last month, but there still remains a huge chunk of unanswered questions about our favourite characters."

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PamPoovey2483d ago

"Unconfirmed characters include Grunt and Samara."

Who cares about Grunt....Wrex is back baby..YEAH

kneon2483d ago

I found Wrex annoying so he won't be showing up for me, unless he's been resurrected.

rattletop2483d ago

dude grunt is funny. kinda childish at times.

DidYouRikeIt2482d ago

I can't wait to play the Waifu simulator of 2013!
I'm glad we HAVE to watch a homosexual encounter in the game, people nowadays are just too homophobic, we need to be more accepting ;D
Edi is my Waifu :3 ~~~

OmegaSlayer2482d ago

Where's Kasumi Goto?
She's a nice and different character with a really feminine side.
Kind of caring component of the crew.
Also my opinion is that even if not regular Crew, Bioware should let people play at least a mission with every past character.

Disccordia2482d ago

She will be there. Bioware said every past squad member will be in me3 if they are still alive. Just might not be playable.

JsonHenry2482d ago

I let Ashley die in the first game because she was so damn annoying. :)

For me it is all about Wrex and Tali. Those are my fave two to keep on squad with me.

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m232483d ago

My crew: Miranda and Wrex.

peowpeow2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Tali and Wrex. Oh yeah.

And if there's space in either of my pockets, Legion!

The Meerkat2483d ago

I'm happy that Legion is there for the fighting and Tali for the loving.

Stryfeno22483d ago

Me and my nosey self...I wanted to be surprised. But the anticipation was to much. :(

Drazz2483d ago

I know dude, couldn't help myself....

Vortex3D2483d ago

In one of my game saves, only Shepard, Samara, Kasumi and Zaeed survived the suicide mission. Since Samara and Kasumi aren't coming back, it will be very interesting to see how Shepard is going to fight with only Zaeed.

I hope Bioware doesn't replace the dead former squardmates with generic characters that are just as capable.

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The story is too old to be commented.