Critics Should Stop Praising Bad Storytelling

In a world where Gears Of War 3 can be widely-praised for its plot and script, Mark Butler argues that game critics need to have higher standards when it comes to stories.

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JsonHenry2483d ago

After playing Dark Souls I have questioned why half of these lesser story driven games even bother with a story at all.

That is not to say I don't love a good story driven game mind you.

DatNJDom812483d ago

Totally agree. Can u imagine games with incredible gameplay and an incredible story. MGS, Uncharted are prime examples of this. It blows my mind when a game with the story of Halo and Gears is considered "masterful storytelling", while games that actually deliver on the goods get shunned. It just shows the sad state of the gaming media and their supporting websites. Shameful.

EazyC2483d ago

You stole my avatar :'(

DeathAvengers2483d ago

Well it all comes down to opinion, Halo actually does have a unique and established story (Actually I believe it established the Sci-fi Genre for Video Games). I definitely agree that MGS has a great story, and UC too. However some would say that Uncharted has taken many elements from action-adventure movies and only twisted it slightly to make it it's own. So okay? You're mad because these websites have their own opinion... Shameful.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32483d ago

What's shameful is you putting UC's story and plot on the level of MGS's. I've said this numerous times that UC's narrative and the way it tells it's story is a cut above the rest, but the actual story and plot is nowhere near that level. Bioshock is the only game whose story and plot is something way more creative and engaging, which puts it on the level of MGS, and Bioshock is only one game out the series, while MGS has numerous sequels to explain its story and plot. Gears has very deep backstory that I feel hasn't been explained through the games very well, which people confuse it as having a bad story.

omi25p2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

You think Uncharted 3 has masterful storytelling? lol.

Its story did make anysense what so ever, Talbot, Cant die, Then all of a sudden he can.

Drake, Sully, Chloe and Charlie have 2 secret locations that only they know about and yet both location have Marlowes men are there, So that obviously means one of them is leaking information but you never find out who.

Talbot seems to have some Mythical power to tell the future, Disappear and survive being shot, Yet you never find out why or how.

For no apparant reason the pirate king guy pretends to have captured sulivan and only after Drake has killed what must have been around 90% of his crew does he tell Drake he was making it up.

And the whole reason Marlowe and Talbot wanted to go to the secret city and capture the genie was to have hallucinogenic darts to control people. But then BEFORE they went to the Secret city to get the hallucinogenic stuff they had already shot both Drake and Charlie with the hallucinogenic stuff.

So if they had already made some hallucinogenic then what was the whole point in trying to find the location of the secret city in the first place.

Finally after Drake has been shot but the hallucinogenic liquid that Marlowe hadnt discovered yet, Marlowe tells Drake that she knows who he really is, But before we find out anything she dies.

Its a stupid story poorly told.

I think this forum post sums it up perfectly

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Christopher2483d ago

We're talking about the same world where Twilight and Harry Potter are praised for their writing, right? You may like the stories, but the writing is far from praise-worthy when compared to others of the same year and even genre.

dinkeldinkse2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

People actually praised Twilight for the writing?

Edit: That is really hard to believe unless people are confusing liking the story as good writing.

TrendyGamers2483d ago


I am in awe of how many bubbles you have!

smashcrashbash2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I agree. Bad storytelling, and I don't mean stories with minor plot holes or inconsistencies, should make a game lose points. I am talking the 'I am space marines, aliens bad we good' and them trying to make you care about your one dimensional characters with clumsy dialogue, cliche characters and the emotion of a cardboard box. Characters that could fall into an abyss and no one would really care and stories you forget the minute you stop playing.

@ DeathAvengers. If you say that about UC taking from action adventure movies then you have to drag everything else for doing that to. Just about every game, including Halo, takes all of its ideas from movies and T.V. shows to the point of being cliche. From Evil Dead to Star Wars to Star Trek to Power Rangers to Starship Troopers to Aliens to Blade Runner. Don't even try to pretend that Halo's story was unique. It is the same space marines/soldiers fighting advanced aliens story that has been floating around for ages since Aliens and V for Victory

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