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Submitted by MakiManPR 1469d ago | article

IGN - Don't Worry About Nintendo

The industry giant has seen better years, but things will be just fine. (Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

mcstorm  +   1469d ago
I think with the WiiU and 3DS Nintendo are in a better Position than with the DS and Wii because they now have the none core market covered with the 3DS and WiiU as well as the Core covered as well. With Games like BF3 Zelda GTA5 and more coming to the WiiU and games like Res Rev MGS on the 3DS the core will also start to pick up the consoles. As well as Nintendo Network set to launch this year too Nintendo will be right up there with the next xbox and PS4 in terms or Core and none core games as I see MS and Sony pushing the same markets next gen too.
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Dno  +   1469d ago
ill have to wait and see. Nintendo promises a lot and hardly completes. Theyare good at good but other services needs to be proved first before the hardcore join.

A lot is riding in this network i hope they can keep the promise this time.
Lyr1c  +   1469d ago
For once, IGN isn't dooming and glooming.
Gr81  +   1469d ago
While I
Personally don't think Nintendo is history, I do think that recent decisions have been damaging the company which is shown in the finacial reports. Again, all this shows is that like any other company, success is not garaunteed, it is earned.

Better to take their lickings now when competition isn't stiff. Focusing on 3D output instead of software early on in the 3DS' life was very stupid. Tech doesn't sell gaming systems, games do. Just look at Vita.

Sony was coming off their most successful console ever and PS3 has seen huge declines in the console line. Nintendo is just as fallable as Sony or any other company.

The one thing about Nintendo though is that, they can singlehandedly provide momentum for their console where as players B and C rely heavily on 3rd parties. We will see what this generation brings to the table.

But it is important to realize that many factors are working against console makers this go around. The economy, disinterest being at the top of that list.
LOL_WUT  +   1469d ago
Cool story bro.

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