Microsoft: nothing to expect in 2012 regarding the future Xbox

On the occasion of an interview conducted on the site "" Cedrick Delmas, the marketing director of Microsoft France, said "there will be nothing new in 2012" with respect the next Xbox.

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WildStyles2487d ago

Not surprising at all. We've still got a good number of games coming to rush into next gen. Both the PS4 and Next Box will come in 2013.

thedude442487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Exactly, i said it before and ill say it again

2013 (sweet spot)
early 2014( decent announcement time)

for both PS4 and the next xbox

tehpees32487d ago

Agree. 2014 is too late but this year is too early. I wonder if Sony can get it out next year. I'm really excited to see how this plays out. Nothing more exciting than next gen consoles.

young juice2487d ago

how does this assure they wont launch it this year.

what if they're just tryin to kill some buzz for a slightly bigger boom when/if they actually DO announce it in 2012? or somethin like that

jaosobno2487d ago

I'm thinking Q2 2013. both X720&PS4.

Exciting times!

torchic2487d ago

this is not news. the announcement of Halo 4 for Holiday 2012 pretty much confirmed that now new XBOX would come. yes they didn't announce which platform but it could only be 360 because you can't announce a game for a new console before the console itself is announced.

I fully expect a worldwide XBOX720 release for Holiday 2013.
then I think Japan (and maybe NA) will see a PS4 launch in late 2013 and then the rest of us in early 2014.

Montrealien2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

This E3 we will be seing visions of what is to come, maybe even a name of the new console but nothing concret. Next Gen starts officially in 2015, I believe in the 10 year console cycles atm.

I have only been following console launches and announcements for the past 25 years, don't take my word for this...

EVILDEAD3602487d ago

'Exactly, i said it before and ill say it again'

LOL..WHEN did you say joined lioke a week ago.

I've been calling this on this site when everyone was pretending that the next gen wasn't comoing for another 3 years.

No matter WHAT stories you read leading up till E3 the results will still be the same.

Xbox 720 WILL be announced at this years E3 and shown at next years E3 for a holiday 2013 launch.

Weve seen people lie through their teeth to keep these announcements a secret before E3. But it won't matter, the announcement is coming.


Ares84HU2486d ago

I strongly believe that both the next Xbox and PS4 will be announced this year.

Just because they announce it, that doesn't mean it will be released this year. After an announcement it takes usually a year or a year and a half for the systems to come out. Keep that in mind. That would make the next Xbox and PS4 to be released in late 2013, early 2014. By that time, the PS3 will be 8 years old and the Xbox 360 will be 9. So just keep this in mind.

darthv722486d ago

Microsoft has confirmed that it will not be "launching" a successor to Xbox 360 this year.

So what about announcing one then? I didnt expect it to be launched this year but they can talk about it. It is being worked on, no surprise there.

JhawkFootball062486d ago

Just look at it this way. The longer they wait, the better the graphics will ultimately be next gen.

morganfell2486d ago


Just read the title, didn't you. Look closer at the article. Delmas never uses the word "launch". What he said was:

"there will be nothing new in 2012" regarding next-generation Xbox consoles."

There are two ways to interpret that article. One supports your point of view of at least an announcement and one does not.

But why would you insist on going against the maker of the most prominent game engine this generation when they have said 2014? The same company is responsible for some of Microsoft's biggest hits and they say 2014.

darthv722486d ago

Its ok to see it like that. Still no matter how many times a company tries to throw people off the trail, at some point they have to come clean.

Its all about keeping the secrets until they are ready to reveal them. Nothing takes the wind out of the sails more than having your biggest secrets uncovered before you are ready.

Brosy2486d ago

I think 2013 as well. I wouldn't look for MS to announce a new console until 6 monthes before launch. Thats how they did it with the 360. If you think about it a new console announcement can hurt the sales of the current gen console.

sikbeta2486d ago

Xbox Next is being cooked right now @ MS HQ, so stop trying to convince me that it doesn't and show me the new console asap!

EVILDEAD3602486d ago

'But why would you insist on going against the maker of the most prominent game engine this generation when they have said 2014? The same company is responsible for some of Microsoft's biggest hits and they say 2014.'

An article in January has nothing to do with E3 in June. Micrsoft has everything to gain with a 720 announcement and plenty to lose if they don't.

Even if they leave E3 with just a video trhat just intimates 720 they have done their job. Nintendo will be the ones thagt have all of the pressure of delivering a system that outdoes the current systems in every way.


BX812486d ago

@EVILDEAD360... Jesus, ease up on the complex buddy.

DeadlyFire2486d ago


But take it however you want. PR does this with everything. There is no game, there is no new console, These are not the droids your looking for. Then they say surprise. The amount of technical rumors on the internet is a dead give away some tidbit will be spilled at E3 2012. I don't care if its just a Logo + 2014 date popping up. Its very important that the public audience knows that your company is not skipping next generation.

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JsonHenry2487d ago

I feel stupid now. I've said forever that the next xbox will launch winter 2012. (though winter 2012 techinically lasts until spring 2013)

Guess my inside information might be a little off or just cutting it really close.

CarlitoBrigante2487d ago

Doesnt matter, it wont neither release in spring 2013, consoles only release in Holidays when they're on schedule without problems.

DidYouRikeIt2486d ago

>Nothing to expect in 2012
There's always those GREAT Kinect exclusives to look forward to...right?

Kurt Russell2486d ago

and Halo 4 , Bioshock Infinite and an ass ton of other games as always ...

osamaq2487d ago

I didn't see that coming...

So all the rumors are BS... !!!

I hope so especially the GPU rumors

SweatyFlorida2487d ago

How does that eradicate those rumors?

If you thought the next xbox would release in 2012 you would be kidding yourself. E3 is the only big event Micro could use to reveal a console before Winter, and I highly doubt they would have announced it then released it 3-4 months after, seeing how most would have probably been saving up for the Wii U.

They can still announce it THIS year, but you won't see an xbox on the shelves in time. If they don't announce it this year, then perhaps we will have to wait even longer then expected. But console companies are doing good sales wise, Nintendo had problems with the Wii, and the 3DS set them back a little so releasing the Wii U sooner rather then later is ideal. Despite what we and developers have to say, Micro and Sony are still making good cash, and multiplat devs are still making games, meaning they would rather wait till they literally dry out the last drop of essence this gen has before moving on.

Disccordia2486d ago

They announced the 360 at e3 2005 and released it at the end if the year. Last year at e3 they announced the 360 slim and released it like a week later. MS have a record of doing this and doing it well.

mcstorm2487d ago

I hope the next xbox will not be out until next year or year after as with the 3DS,and Xoom last year this year ill be getting a PSV and WiiU I don't want to be getting a New xbox and PS4 this year as well so 2013 is fine for me. Plus there are plenty of big name games left on the 360 this year as well.

Stealth2k2487d ago ShowReplies(5)
Montrealien2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

It wont come in 2013, may be announced in 2013, but we wont have a new home console from sony or MS by 2013, this is for sure.

My best guess is 2015.

And remember folks, 2017 is the year of the PS4!

that was a joke, to take offence and claim this as trolling is sad sad sad...

snipes1012487d ago

We don't really need a new console generation quite yet anyhow. Developers have yet to master everything this generation has to offer.

If console manufacturers have nothing to offer but prettier graphics with another generation of consoles, I'm not interested.

Game4life2486d ago

Yeah while I probably will follow the game eventually, I have no really interest in prettier graphics at this point anymore.

snipes1012486d ago

I really dont see how I can get more disagrees than agrees when it would seem that every time a developer is releasing some big game they keep insisting "they are pushing the console to its limit" and then turn around and say the same thing the next game they put out.

Plus look at Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. One of the last games to be released on the original xbox and it still looks damn good visually today. There was clearly a lot more that could have been done with the Xbox that wasnt.

demetre722486d ago

Ummm there is no way , you will see anything on 2013, the likely possible date 2014 or ?

dark-hollow2486d ago

People what did you expect ms to say?
They will deny it till the official announcment.

WitWolfy2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

EXACTLY! Why admit to there being a new console when the current one is still selling so well?

I swear some of the gamers here just dont know anything about marketing.. Here is a hint for everybody, when the nextbox is close to being announced.. The current Xbox price will fall by $200 AT LEAST!

Just look at the Wii it got a massive price decrease before they even announced the Wii U so go figure

Rayko2486d ago

HALO 4 and what else is coming to 360 this year? Disney kinnect and Star Wars Kinnect? Sounds like a crappy year for 360.

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Colwyn2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

They could have just said " no next gen consoles in 2012". I can wait till February next year or early next year for xbox next and ps4-ver .

I want the equivalent of Asus max iv EZ, i7 2600, 12gig ram, 3 gtx 580 in next gen consoles. A kit like this costs over 4k so I'm not in any rush. Id also like the next gen consoles to cost between £500 - £600 with manu. Cost being 800-900. Other than blending my smoothies, id like my next gen consoles to do everything that all my devices does on my entertainment centre and more.

I can't wait till the companies that always support the hardcore gamers first to actually show and demo actual next gen games at e3 this year. It really sucks when consoles are revealed but have nothing or games to represent what the console is able to do. Can you imagine a press conference reveal where a console is shown off and all that is shown are the controllers and videos of what it might do.

Kingdom Come2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )


And I thought the current console generation was bad for fanboys, if this is the type of comments we can expect within the next console generation on N4G, I doubt I'll be sticking to using this site for gaming discussion.

SilentNegotiator2487d ago

LOL, nothing good ever came out of something with the subtitle "Forever"

Bat Nipples, washed up badasses poorly trying to imitate outdated games.....alright, those are the only examples I can think of, but I think that's enough to avoid that subtitle!

sikbeta2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

"I want the equivalent of Asus max iv EZ, i7 2600, 12gig ram, 3 gtx 580 in next gen consoles"


*Kaz up in stage*

"And for only Five Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars!"


Guess we'll need to get 4 Jobs this time -__-


$450 max, $500 still high for the average people and please don't compare smartphones and s*** because people use them all the time, consoles are a "luxury" while paying $1000 for and I-POS device is considered a "need" pretty crazy I know, but that's the way it works for the sheeps -_-

Legionaire20052487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Maybe $300 to $500. To justify what I said, it seems that alot of people don't have a problem buying an Ipad 2 for $500 dollars(The Apple store is always packed!!!) so why not $400 to 500 bucks? The Ipad 2 is a very good example. There will be alot of people that will buy the next Xbox during launch, and there will be alot of people that will wait til everything comes out or don't buy it at all.

Mikhail2487d ago

I think MS and sony can price it to 400 to 500 if both the consoles offer integration with other devices. Both the PS3 and 360 and gaming console/media hub hybrid. If they integrate it with other tech thorough software (i.e. Windows 8 and Android), they can easily pitch for that price.

Perhaps, since Sony has a good relationship with google, they might add GoogleTV also.

Half-Mafia2487d ago

Apple products sell like hotcakes, in there last quarter Apple sold

37m iPhones
15m iPads
8m iPod Touchs

Total= 60m (the install base of the PS3 in 3months)

The gaming industry is very small compared to the market Apple is in.

from Phones, gaming, movie watching, music, education, cooking, ect.

For me if the PS4 came out at £500 ill buy it, cause i know that its worth the money just like the price of the PS3 when it came out (£425)

Hicken2486d ago

Except most of those products are all sold to the same people. While all iPhone users may not have iPads, most people with an iPad also have iPhones, and most iPod owners likely have the other two.

Raider692486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Dude you are not normal!Did you born from a mothers belly or you are just a bot typing nonsenses.(bot=www.web.robot)

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FrigidDARKNESS2487d ago

We already knew this it's late 2013.

S_C2487d ago

Noone was ever expecting a next gen console to be launched this year, but everyone is explexcting a reveal of a next gen console. Now i really do think the next xbox will be at E3, because if it wasn;t going to be microsoft would have stated that there would be no reveal this year instead of just "we are not lauching a next gen system this year"

Kingdom Come2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

I'm not "explexcting" anything...
But seriously, I think it would be strange for Microsoft to preview current generation titles such as Halo 4 only to then discuss the third Xbox, it could make the current gen previews look somewhat obsolete and overshadow one of their biggest franchises...

FlyGuyHung2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

SHOCKER!!! /sarcasm