New Hard Reset: Extended Edition Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Kalypso Media released today some new images from their upcoming first-person cyberpunk shooter – Hard Reset: Extended Edition."

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Orpheus2424d ago

Judging from the screenshots, the graphics engine has really been improved :-). For the love of PC gaming buy this game gamers !!!

pucpop2424d ago

hard reset is poop, will extended edt eliminate the poopness?

Orpheus2423d ago

Yeah You are poop ... poopy poop

Letros2424d ago

Freaking awesome game, can't wait for this DLC.

Pikajew2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

I wanna get this game. I played the demo and really loved it, it shows what shooters are supposed to be. Is the update gonna be free? because a lot of PC exclusives get free updates/DLC.

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