Diehard GameFAN: Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

DHGF: BioWare set out to change the face of the MMORPG, and while they’ve fine tuned the elements that were there and showed us that you can in fact tell an amazing and personal story for every character class in an MMO, they haven’t done anything truly earth-shattering to the genre. All the elements to the MMO are here, and refined to work well with every element they have in the game, so if you’ve played an MMO in the last ten years, jumping in and playing this isn’t going to feel like learning to drive all over again, but you may have to adjust the seat a bit. The game is amazingly solid, and a month into it they’re already looking at adding new content in the next few weeks. Looking for a WoW killer? While I have to say I enjoy this tons more than I ever did with WoW, I don’t think it will kill it, but it will put a big dent in that already rusting armor.

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