JRPG Gamer's Guide: January 2012

GamingUnion: "As you may have already noticed, we here at have been launching a bunch of new features such as New Game Plus and Gaming’s Greatest Companies. We're finishing off the month with another brand new feature: the JRPG Gamer's Guide. Since a lot of our visitors are fans of classic JRPG series such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and the Tales of series, we thought it would be a great idea to showcase the genre’s soon-to-be released and upcoming titles and shed some light on some lesser-known titles that you might not have known or heard about before."

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mephman2511d ago

Still some good JRPGs coming out in the future, great news.

tweex2511d ago

Well see how they go...

Stealth2k2511d ago

theres like 50 more plus this

yokokoroma2511d ago

While this is great, it's also sad, seeing as the majority of JRPG's are now on handhelds. The lack of JRPG's this generation really shows, as opposed to last gen, especially in the case of Playstation.