Shocker: SSX has an online pass

The new SSX looks pretty damn fantastic, of that there is no denying. Still, Electronic Arts once again doesn't think it's good enough to sell new copies on its own merit, and hopes to force your hand with its favorite skeezy business tactic -- the online pass.

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zeal0us2485d ago

I wouldn't be surprise if it did have one.

Rampaged Death2484d ago

Erm it does have one. It's not half as bad as most online passes.

JaredH2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I agree. IGN says that people can still play online, they just don't get cash(which I'm guessing if like xp) until they buy a pass.

The cash actually builds up though until you buy a pass or not which makes playing it not a waste I guess. I think it gives people a bigger incentive to buy the pass than normal ones in other games since they can see their cash growing and growing.

It's still an online pass but it's not the worst one out there.

YourFlyness2484d ago

The shocker would be thinking this Publishers will not put Online Passes in games from now on

matt19912484d ago

Don't EA Games have online trials? if online is good ill buy the pass.

Fadetoblack692484d ago

Thats too bad, I've been holding off on buying a PS3 til this game came out. Guess I'll just save my money now, Thanks E/A ;)

-Mika-2484d ago

You selfish and cheap.

kaveti66162484d ago

And the publishers are generous philanthropists with sensitive souls.

matt19912484d ago

so you were gonna Buy SSX and a PS3 but since there is a online pass your not gonna buy them.

If you buy SSX new it comes with the pass

Pikajew2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

If you are like me and buy all the great games new than online passes dont matter

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The story is too old to be commented.