Fallout Fantasy - A Final Fantasy Mod for Fallout 3 [eGamer]

It's an unfinished mod combining two brilliant games. It may have only begun but Timothy sees its potential. A mod that combines Final Fantasy VII's world with Fallout 3's gameplay, awesome.

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BiggCMan2390d ago

It sounds interesting, but i'm sure it's in the infant stages still. The pictures don't show a whole lot, but I would like to see more though.

TheROsingleB2390d ago

Not that the mod doesn't seem ambitions or interesting, but I kind of stopped reading at "Because Modders NO What We Want".

Come on, really?

Pillville2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Eye hope there knot serious!

gr33nFIEND2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

It's been corrected on the site, try no to be too superficial. Everyone makes mistakes.

TheROsingleB2390d ago

No one is perfect, but it was a pretty big grammatical oversight if you want to be taken seriously. Just Saying.
Glad to see it's been corrected.

SuperStrokey11232390d ago

obviously there is some type of error as sqaure said it would take 10 year to remake the game. One modder alone obviously couldnt make something like this. Square said its impossible so sheerly it is.... right?

gr33nFIEND2390d ago

There are a few modders taking a crack at doing some part of FFVII. For example, there's a modding team doing FFVII in the Unreal 3 Engine

FinaLXiii2390d ago

Dude hold your horses its just the Shrinra building its not even Midgar.

SuperStrokey11232390d ago

yeah i know, I was just saying that squares claims dont really hold water is all.