SSX Demo coming this Week?

According to an official Advertising from EA, a Demo of SSX will probably available shortly.

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Waldi2486d ago

I love the SSX games!

Yi-Long2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

... been playing SSX3 again these last few weeks...

HOWEVER, I'm NOT a fan of console-exclusive content, pre-order exclusive content, DLC-milking, and Online Passes...

... which means I'm certainly not sure yet if I'll be buying this game at launch.

Snookies122486d ago

Probably be available? If it's an ad from EA, shouldn't they know if it will be or not? Lol, that aside I cannot wait to check out the demo!

Dno2486d ago

wow please let this be true i need this. i been playin the old ones on gamecube just so i can get my SSX fix on.

LiL T2486d ago

I managed to catch some big air comp from China this weekend and there were SSX logo's on everything. I didn't watch the whole thing because I was watching Rolex 24h @ Daytona, but everytime I switched...SSX logo's.

Rampaged Death2486d ago

Please don't tease ! I want this game more than any other right now.

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