Ghost Recon Preview: Rebuilding the Future Soldier [Eurogamer]

Eurogamer: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ain't quite what it used to be. When it first broke cover - and when we last took a serious look at it - Ubisoft's tactical shooter series had evolved into something far removed from the games of old, having become an action-heavy third-person shooter starring a soldier who was, in Ubisoft's own words, "an F-16 on legs". It had turned into Gears of Recon, and it proved an unpopular shift in direction for a series once known for its tactical smarts.

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Vladplaya2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

3rd Person view, cluttered UI, too many gameplay crutches and just silly gimmicks. Ghost Recon, they don't make it like they use to anymore :(

Dlacy13g2484d ago

I actually am pretty excited about this game. I think its going to be similar to SOCOM 4 but better execution on story.

denawayne2484d ago

That multiplayer video looked like an original Xbox game