D+PAD Magazine - Crush 3D - Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

When it was released in June 2007 on the PSP, Zoë Mode’s Crush was pipped to the post by Super Paper Mario in claiming ownership of a genuine innovation – – namely the mechanic whereby three-dimensional worlds can be flattened two dimensions. Though the developer was likely left gnashing its teeth at this turn of events, some solace could be taken in the knowledge that Crush offered a very different experience from that of Nintendo’s paper-thin plumber. Where Super Paper Mario was a bouncy, carefree romp through Mario lore, Crush served up fiendishly mind-bending puzzles capable of challenging even the highest ranking member of MENSA.

Regardless of the cruel blow that was dealt to it by the Big N, Crush was an accomplished title that was certainly deserving of another outing...

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